The best mobile games of 2020 for Apple

Apple has delivered the “Best of 2019” awards in which it has recognized the best applications and video games of this year 2019 for its own operating systems iOS (mobile), iPadOS (tablets) and macOS (computers), among which it has triumphed the Spanish video game « Gris », and has also awarded singer Billie Eilish the Apple Music award to the artist of the year.


The awards «Best of 2019, whose celebration had already advanced the company, has recognized Monday the Specter Camera application , which allows you to take pictures with a long exposure time, as the best of the year on iOS. In addition, as the US company has reported in a statement, the awards have fallen to the “apps” of Flow by Moleskine design, as the best of the year for iPad, and Affinity Publisher , as the best for Mac computers. The Explorers , a «App» that seeks to collect a visual inventory of the natural world, has received the award for the best of the year on Apple TV.


In the videogame section, Apple has awarded the Sky: Children of the Light adventure title as the best game of the year for iPhone, while the 16-bit Hyper Light Drifter video game has been the best for iPad. In addition, the adventure of Gray platforms , of the Spanish studio Nomada Studio, has won in the category of video games for Mac, in awards that conclude with Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap as the best game for Apple TV and with Sayonara Wild Hearts as the best game of the streaming service Apple Arcade.

Likewise, Apple has also presented the prizes for its Apple Music music service, which recognize American singer Billie Eilish as artist of the year and Lizzo as revelation artist. The song Old Town Road, by Lil Nas X , has been chosen as the song of the year on Apple Music.

According to the Mobile Gaming Apps Report 2019, carried out by Liftoff, the Android platform will dominate the mobile game market in 2020.

The above is consistent with a loss of incremental share of iOS – Apple’s operating system – , which increasingly gives more ground to the platform owned by Google .

One of the main causes is attributed to the purchase price of a game on Android ($ 3.21), compared to $ 4.85 on iOS, according to the study.

This means that the owner of a game must invest 51% more to be able to capture an iOS user.

As for the in-app purchase rate (IAP) – for example, to earn more ‘lives’ or get new items to play -, iOS suffered a year-on-year drop of 21% to 13.2% , reducing the advantage over Android, which has 9.5% .

The report also reminds that ASUS launched a new smartphone designed specifically for games, the RoG Phone II , which has the most powerful hardware than any other with Android.

The day this smartphone was put up for sale in China, the stock sold out in 73 seconds.