Mobile games that can be used without Internet

Air travel can become a boring nightmare if you can’t fall asleep or have something to read, so for that and other times when you’re offline we have created this list with 27 mobile games that can be used without internet .

A selection of the flower and cream of iOS and Android in terms of hitching, hours of play and fun. You will find a varied mix of free and paid games but, as you can imagine, with those who have to scratch their pockets we end up finding much more recommended experiences.

Alto’s Odyssey

Become a classic of the endless runner since its first edition, this adventure aboard a snowboard turns out to be one of those entertainments that you know when you start but not when you will release. It never becomes an especially attractive challenge, but it is worth it.


One of those platforms that because of its quality has earned the right to go out on several platforms and that, despite its age, remains a highly recommended entertainment. He will have to guide a series of dark creatures through a map full of dangers.

Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

Here is one of my sickest vices with mobile. A game that seems to have no end and that can have you hooked for hours checking how far you can go. The idea is basically that, buying improvements with what you win in each game with the intention of reaching the last boss, but it is surprisingly addictive.


The best thing you can find in the mobile arcade genre. A roguelike in which each game starts from scratch and you must master mechanics and progress to try to reach the greatest possible depth. A game as fun as essential.


Humble free heir of the now legendary Super Hexagon, it is a game that invites us to dodge obstacles by moving a circle with balls on one side and the other. Despite not having the difficulty of the game of Terry Cavanagh, it is a good challenge to get hooked until your patience does not give more of itself.

Evoland 2

An incredible rarity that already shone with its own light in the first installment. Here we are facing an adventure game that, reviewing the different genres, graphics and mechanics of the history of the game, gives life to a fantastic mix as surprising as it is recommended.

Fallout shelter

A classic of resource management and mobile city building that also landed on consoles and PCs. Inspired by the cameras of the Fallout saga, we must create the best possible nuclear shelter based on growing it with new inhabitants and rooms. A good proposal to jump between game and game while trying the other options on the list.

Final Fantasy VII

One of those compilation games that needs no introduction. Its price may take back more than one, but it is no less true that it can save you more than one afternoon and that the hours / price ratio is remarkable. You can also opt for any other game in the saga, but if you have never played a ‘Final Fantasy’, this may be your best option.


Its short length collides with how well it is, which makes a complete game even more fleeting. Despite not being too replayable, it is one of those experiences worth living one day. An interactive love story with everything you need so you have to go to the scarves.


Another indie with great weight in the narrative, but this time it is more focused on the puzzles than the visual novel format. His delicacy earned him to become one of the most recommended games of 2017 and, if you have not tried it yet, this is the perfect excuse to give it a try.

GTA: San Andreas

Another of those clasicazos that do not need presentation. Considered as one of the biggest and funniest ‘GTAs’, the only thing that can be thrown into this version is the fact of having to deal with touch controls. Of course, if you have a bluetooth controller at hand, head for it.

Hitman go

Another proposal of puzzles that, on this occasion, puts us in the shoes of Agent 47 to carry out murders without being discovered. As if it were an individual board game, it will be a good idea to think about each movement to complete it from end to end.

Kingdom rush

Despite not being a great defender of tower defense, this saga has got me hooked on the genre. An adventure with three editions with the classic mechanics in which to control troops and buildings to prevent the hordes of enemies from tearing us apart.

Mars: Mars

Following the idea of ​​maintaining a well-nourished list of free and paid games, the good people of Pomelo Games join here with one of their particular proposals. We are facing a skill game in which to control a robot with propellers that must be jumping from platform to platform. Easier to explain than to dominate.

Mini Metro

Another of my favorite games for any trip that gets heavy. The idea is that, based on plans of real cities, we build the most efficient metro line possible based on generating routes of different colors, destinations and passenger capacity.

Both the second and the first installment turn out to be very entertaining puzzle games that, inspired by the Escher stairs, ask us to distort reality to generate a path in which to get from point A to B. A delight at the visual level that also It has pleasant surprises at the playable level.