Create mobile games: your step-by-step guide

Not all mobile applications are the same. There are many types of apps. But undoubtedly the most downloaded and those that get a greater return on investment are the games. There are many companies that want to bet on creating mobile games as a business. Although they don’t know very well where to start with game development …

In Yeeply we already proposed a guide on how to create a successful mobile app , a step-by-step guide for the development of mobile apps. In this case, although the process is similar, it may be slightly different in some aspects. This is all you’ll find!

Index – How to create a mobile game

STEP 1. Ideas to create your mobile video game

An original and different game

Game dynamics

Design for mobile games

STEP 2. Monetization of our game

STEP 3. What technology are we going to use to create a mobile game?

STEP 4. Find developers to make our game

STEP 5. Test usability

STEP 6. Time to promote your game!

What are the differences between creating apps and creating games?

mobile game – how to create a mobile game

STEP 1. Ideas to create your mobile video game

The most important thing when making mobile games is to start from a good idea . In this, creating a successful mobile game is much like creating a successful app. Without a good base, an idea that we know you will like, we will not get anywhere.

It is also the most complicated part in the process of creating mobile games and applications. All ideas are practically invented and there is also no exact formula for success. You need a good idea to make an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type succeed and not fail. Getting income and benefits with a mobile game is difficult but we can give you some clues to get you on track.

An original and different game

The idea is the basis . That is why it is essential that it is unique, original, different. And we know that it is complicated, that it is difficult to make a difference when making games because there are millions: stores are full of games.

So what can we do? The trick is to uncheck what is already done . Although there are games that are similar to our idea, if our idea is good we have to work to make a better proposal.

There are many cases of games that have repeated an existing idea and have succeeded. A clear example can be that of diamond puzzle games or ‘bubble’ type games , a lifelong classic in mobile phones and classic game consoles.

For example King, with his Candy Crush – a version of the game diamonds but with candies – and his Bubble Witch , is the mobile game creation company that has managed to reinvent an idea and lead it to success, eliminating competition and loyalty to The players to the extreme.

Game dynamics

When in doubt, a simple game whose game dynamics are easy to understand will be more successful than that complex to understand. With this we do not say that the game has to be easy to overcome. But it must present challenges to the player.

The game dynamics that we have seen that have triumphed in mobile games are as simple as ‘drag’ and ‘tap’ . A clear example would be the game Flappy Bird . That simply by tapping on the screen of the mobile device, it has achieved unparalleled worldwide success.

In the event that your game needs a more complex game dynamics we recommend that you introduce it little by little through a good ‘onboarding’ .

It is also better to use the first steps of the game as a tutorial and explain how everything works to launch the user into the game without further ado. The type of games that use these types of techniques are usually inspired by videogame or desktop games. An example could be the Clash of Clans game or the Jurassic Park Builder game .

New call-to-action

Design for mobile games

If the game dynamics are at the heart of a game development project, the app design itself should revolve around it. The story that runs the game, the personals and the final appearance are key to the game designer.


That’s why the design of your game can be key to differentiate yourself from the rest , so you can take advantage of this process to create Android or iOS games that are unique. From minimal styles, flat design, realistic, comic style, etc. The possibilities are endless when choosing the design.

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STEP 2. Monetization of our game

Creating Android or iOS games for mobile can be as expensive and expensive as developing games for any other platform. That is why one of our objectives should focus on having a business plan that indicates how we will recover the investment.

A monetization strategy is one of the most important parts of the game. Let’s see which are the most common in mobile games:

In-app purchases : integrated purchases is the most used method for monetizing Android and iOS games. Although these are only done by around 2% of Android users (a little more on iOS) it is one of the most effective ways to earn income.

Ads within the app: There are many apps that combine this technique with that of in-app purchases. Be careful with the content of the ads because if it is not related or bothers the user it will be counterproductive.

Premium Versions: Offering a trial version and charging the user for continuing to play is a risky option. It is mostly used by high quality games.

Payment per download: This strategy is usually implemented by games with a very high investment. Although the payment per download is usually not very high, there are some games that are born for traditional video consoles have adapted to mobile devices and charge a lot.

Now that you know everything about mobile game development, you can start putting that game idea you have on paper and get to define it well. That is the first step of this guide to create successful games, remember? Now … do we give you a cable to look for professionals ?

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