Conan Exiles, Xbox game review

he universe Conan of Robert E. Howard was an unforgiving place full of dangers around every corner. Conan Exiles lives up to that reputation. It is not just the other players and NPC in the world that make this survival game difficult; they are the wolves, the giants and other terrors that lurk in the deserts and forests that surround you and even if you manage to survive all that, a sandstorm or the brutal cold of the north can make you feel bad.


Conan Exiles captures Howard’s harsh world tone from the beginning, considering him as a criminal who has been crucified and left to die naked along a road he last saw a century ago.

However, unlike the other Funcom Conan game , the MMORPG Age of Conan , focuses more on the mood than on making arguments. Conan himself only makes a small cameo at the beginning, and cuts you off your death tree once you have created your character. After that, they release you in Exiled Lands to carve your own tales of great adventure.


The Lands of Exiles are full of areas to hunt, forage, build and fight in multiple different biomes, whether in the lush riverlands of the south, in the harsh desert that forms a large part of the center of the map or in the fertile forests of the frozen north

Recently, the swamp biome in the east was added at the beginning, as well as the large biome of the volcano that rises over the snowy peaks in the north.

More about the video game

As with many survival games, there are a lot of ways to experience all this. You can jump into single player mode (although it is a bit boring in that way) or you can face Hyborean Age’s difficulties with a friend in cooperative mode or on a multitude of server types .


Some of these are hosted by players (some of which are set up with incredibly increased leveling, abundant resources or both), while official servers tend to offer a more balanced experience. BattlEye software also protects you from players trying to copy or hack, but not all servers have it enabled.


Each server is defined as: player against layer or player against environment, which allows you to choose what kind of experience you want if you decide to venture online.

As for me, I installed myself on a PvP server with a friend, wanting the Conan experience without a filter after spending hours of ‘early access’ by heating on a PvE server .